Web Hosting

Whether you’ve designed your own site offline or are looking to engage a more reliable hosting solution, ReThink Digital are here to help. We will take your project and make it accessible to the rest of the world.

WordPress Website Design + Build

If you are ready to rapidly grow your business online, we want to help. ReThink Digital will assess your needs and business goals and bring your brand online. We use emerging technologies to design and build you a website to expand your brand awareness.

Website Management

Don’t have time to manage backups and updates? That’s we were come in. ReThink Digital provide affordable packages for website management. We’ll put your mind at ease and take care of your backups and updates along with content updates. This allows you to get on with what you do best.


Got a product you want to sell online? We’d love to help expand your sales. All of our website can be designed with shopping cart extensions and product management tools to get you online and making sales faster.

IT Support

If your office has more than 8 computers you should consider the value you place behind your IT. ReThink Digital’s technicians collectively have over 15 years of IT experience, ranging from Windows XP through to Windows 10 and support for Windows Server 2003 through to Windows Server 2012. From desktop/remote support to Office 365 and Exchange Management we’re here to help.

Mobile Apps

More than 25% of information in now sourced from Apps using mobile devices. ReThink Digital can help create your next business app and help you get you published in the Apple App store and Google Play. If you’d like to know more get in touch and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist.